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06 September 2008 @ 12:19 am
Round One; Challenge One  
lisa_lims; round one (kind of)
Challenge One

Signing Up
01. Please read the rules & ensure that you watch the community in order to keep up with challenge deadlines, voting and results ♥

02. We've been gone for a long time. Myself & lissie_pissie had been talking about starting this up again for a while, but were then prompted to actually get it done by a query as to what happened with the community. So here we are to give this another shot. There have been some amazing photos lately, and with the House premiere just over a week away the fandom feels that bit more alive, so we felt like the timing was perfect. Much like huddy_lims, we're doing this round a little differently. We're not above pillaging ideas from our loverly affiliate - in order to sign up, simply submit an icon to this entry

03. All contestants will be given one skip (skips are not allowed for the first challenge) and may earn an extra skip by promoting this community. You can find out more about earning your extra skip here

04. Not an icon maker? WE STILL NEED YOU. More watchers = more votes. More votes = clearer and faster eliminations. Plus you get to look at the pretties. Win-win-win, no?

→ You are to submit one icon
→ You are not to use any additional images - please use only those provided
→ Your icon must be 100x100 and not exceed 40kb
→ You may use textures, animation, text... Stick to the images provided and nothing is off limits ;)
→ You are not to post your icon elsewhere (this includes using it yourself) until voting is over and results are posted
→ Please post your icon as a comment to this entry, including the URL
→ Entries are due before midnight on Friday. Voting will be posted the following morning.

You may use both images, but please remember that you are only to submit one icon

Images are from this post ♥

After this deadline, you will no longer be able to sign up for this round

If there is anything you are unclear on, then you can check out our FAQ post. If you still have any questions, then please don't hesitate to leave us a comment :)
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