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Last Icon Maker Standing

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Last Icon Maker Standing competition - Lisa Edelstein

Anyone is allowed to compete in LIMS, provided they enter an icon for the first challenge at the start of each new round. :)

→ Don't make icons? That's perfect, we need you too! Feel free to join or friend the community, so you'll be able to vote in our challenges and help choose our next Last Icon Maker Standing.

01. A challenge will be posted at the beginning of the week, and a prompt will be provided in the form of photos or anything else we see fit for a LIMS challenge.

02. If it is the first challenge of the round, anyone may participate by entering an icon prior to the deadline.

03. If it is NOT the first challenge of the round, only the remaining participants for that round will be allowed to enter icons.

04. Icons must be uploaded to an image hosting site like photobucket or imageshack, and in order to submit, you must reply to the current challenge post with both the picture and the URL to your icon entry.

05. Once we reach the deadline, all of the entries will be posted anonymously and the watchers of the community will be asked to vote for their favorites and least favorites according to icon number.

06. Winners will be posted, as well as the makers who have been disqualified that round.

07. Icon-makers will have the option to comment to the winners post, asking for feedback for their icons.

08. Have fun and spread the Lisa love! ♥

→ If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

♥ your mods,
Gemma (iwant_sprinkles) & Lissie (lissie_pissie)

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